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Choose our Trustworthy Company Accountants in York, North Yorkshire

Owning a partnership or limited company is incredibly time-consuming, so take away the stress by letting us manage your finances. Based in York, North Yorkshire, our accountants provide comprehensive taxation advice. Our team of bookkeepers are fully-certified, giving you the peace of mind that we truly offer a service that benefits your company.

By Your Side

As part of our customer-focused services, we provide free initial meetings to all of our clients. These are held to find out more about your company. They provide a great insight into your financial status and make you aware of any regulations that you may have missed.


A partnership occurs when you are running a company with more than one person. The company must not have a limited company status. Everyone in the company is personally liable for their earnings. In this case, we offer advice to each person, similar to the personal accounting service that we also provide.

Limited Companies

There are more regulations to consider when you are handling accounts for a limited company. Your accounts must be filed with Company House annually, as your company risks a fine if you do not do this. Take away this burden by requesting the help of our committed team. Rowley Ward takes care of your accounts, filing and returning them per Company House requirements. Take away the risk of losing money that belongs to your company.

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